Unique Masterpieces

Each Gemmy Bear begins its journey deep within the heart of the earth and ends up as a sparkling emblem of personal expression and unparalleled luxury. This transformation from raw stone to an exquisite piece of jewelry is achieved through our bespoke craftsmanship process, meticulously carried out in our Montreal atelier. We ensure every Bear not only embodies the essence of the gem it is crafted from but also mirrors the spirit of its future owner. These aren't just pieces of jewelry; they are unique masterpieces echoing your individuality.

Natural Materials

At Gemmy Bear, we believe in the power and beauty of nature. We carefully select each gem from ethical Canadian mines, preserving their distinct character shaped by time and elemental forces. Our Bears are set with fair-mined gold and adorned with ethically-sourced diamonds, creating a harmonious blend of nature's raw beauty and refined luxury. This commitment to natural materials means every Bear holds a unique story and energy, just waiting to connect with yours.